Get a home inspection!

Dated: April 13 2020

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Home inspections are such a valuable part of the home buying process.  You don't want to purchase a house without one, resale or a new build.

Home inspections go through the whole of your house, checking plumbing, electrical, venting, foundation, and grading to name a few.  You can be there for the inspection, but you don't have to be.  A good inspector will send you the report and give you a shout to answer any questions you may have.  Your Realtor doesn't have to be there either.

Personally, I prefer to be at the home inspection so that if there are any obscure, serious items that are found, the inspector can explain it to me as well.  Usually, there will be a report that outlines items that need to be addressed immediately, items that can be addressed later on down the road and items that will eventually need to be addressed.  The last two are more of the honey-do list items.

If there are major items that need to be addressed, that could affect the habitability of the home, that's when we go back to that table to negotiate.  Ideally, you want those items taken care of by the seller, but it could end up being a price reduction for the cost of the repairs.  In that situation, quotes would be expected.

I do get asked about the cost of a home inspection and my answer is: it varies from inspector to inspector depending on what they do, the square footage of the house; if it's an acreage that needs the septic and water well inspected too, those are additional costs.

Let's say the cost is $500.  Amortize that over your mortgage, and it's less than a cup of coffee per month.  Now, if you don't get a home inspection done (even on a new build, get one done!), and something major comes up that ends up being a $40k repair, for example, that's more than cup of coffee per month.  

Inspections educate you, the buyer, with what to expect for maintenance down the road. 

Most importantly, they protect your investment!

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